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 "The Epic Forum's Rule Board"

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"The Epic Forum's Rule Board" Empty
PostSubject: "The Epic Forum's Rule Board"   "The Epic Forum's Rule Board" I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 30, 2010 11:53 am

Regular User Rules:
_Write mostly with minus, for example, in names, because a word complete on mayus, can be cosidered SCREAMING, wich is bad
_If you can, avoid using bad words, if you have the extreme need of using then, please censor them with * thanks
_Please dont spam, well maybe a little, but only a little eh?
_Please try not to double post, if you have to add something to your comment, there is a "Edit" button
_If someone is being a Good Boy / Girl, and im not around to give them cookies, please do, will be thanked.
_I respect every kind of talk / writing everyone has, but if its possible, please be polite, no body likes their things asked the bad way
_Jokes are always welcome, as long as they arent just cruel, also, please, avoid using the phrase "The cake is a Lie", because, as much as i cant believe it, is isnt.
_You shouldnt use Chuck Norris's name in vain, or he might roundhouse kick you.
_No impersonating a Moderator, Mods. are people selected by
"The Almighty Guild / Forum Leader", and only people who have his permission and title to be Moderator, must follow the "Mod. Rulz".

Moderator / New Moderator User Rules:
_No Moderator Powah abuse.
_Give cookies to good boys / girls.
_Brush your teeth after every meal xD.(Not really nessesary, but seriously, do it)
_As moderators we may be, Zero ("The Almighty guild / forum Leader") is above us, yet under the "Forum's Epic Law" also made by him and me Very Happy

A day in a Moderator's Life:
_Our duty is to keep order, to stop fights, to censor words like the "F" word in-case someone forgets the "Regular User Rule Nº2" and to make sure the forum is in order, example:

There is a double post, edit the first post whit the second one's message and erase 2nd post, and remember the user the "Regular User Rule Nº4"
Remembering these really few cases, that there is a button called Edit. That btw has a nice design courtesy of "The Almighty Guild / Forum Leader"

If a Thread is in the wrong section, move it to the Correct place, also, let the thread's creator know by --> PM

_Moderators must have a sense of justice, and be serious when a situation demands it, but other then that, be cool Very Happy (Unless they had a really, really, i mean Really bad day)

Greetings From:

"The Almighty Guild / Forum Leader" & Gerow Hikari.
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"The Epic Forum's Rule Board"
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